Borehole water analysis

Borehole water may appear clear, but it may contain varying levels of contaminants such as bacteria, salts and lime, metals, colour, odours and turbidity. A water test may reveal harmful contaminants that are invisible, odourless, tasteless and undetected. Some contaminants cause immediate illness, while others can create serious long-term health problems. To protect your family’s health, Test It LAB recommends seasonal testing for boreholes by testing your water at the point of use. Never assume a standard purification system such as a water softener or filter can be used on borehole water. Almost all water problems can be addressed using equipment selected based on a full chemical and bacterial analysis.

Why test borehole water

  • Bacteria are present in all natural water systems

  • Scale and corrosion due to poor water quality will shorten the lifespan of household heating appliances

  • Salts and metals present in groundwater may be harmful to you and your family

  • The only way to be sure your water is safe is to test water quality periodically Test It LAB analyses

Test It LAB analyses

  • bacteria (number and types of bacteria / harmful or naturally occurring e.g. E. coli)

  • corrosivity and scaling indexes to protect heating appliances

  • salts composition and presence of metals

Test It LAB can also assist with

  • disinfection of water

  • treatment filters and chemicals supply

  • tanks and pumps for storage and rainwater capture

Bottled water

Bottled water is regulated and monitored by the Department of Health which has set standards of purity and safety for the water bottling industry.

Test It LAB performs

  • analysis of the 11 determinants for labelling requirements

  • bacteriological quality testing

  • filter lifetime and usage optimisation

Test It LAB will provide you with a certificate to display proudly that you care about the quality of water that you sell to your clients.

More information on bottled water is available at the South African National Bottled Water Association (SANBWA).

Tap water

If you are installing a filtration system to purify your tap water, it is essential that the system is based on the quality of the water that it will need to treat. Test it LAB works closely with specialist installers to provide you with the perfect system for your individual needs.

Water quality in South Africa is subject to the South African National Standard, SANS 241, which is based on the World Health Organisation’s guidelines for drinking water quality. The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) requires water service providers such as municipalities to monitor the water they supply on an ongoing basis.

These results are available to the public where you can find information about water quality in your town / suburb. You can also check on overall water quality compliance for your province or town, or check on the Blue Drop status of your municipality.

Effluent testing

Test It LAB also offers analysis of process effluent and wastewater samples in line with Green Drop quality compliance requirements. Analysis include the following determinants:

  • microbiological (E. coli and faecal coliforms)

  • chemical (chemical oxygen demand, ammonia, nitrate and phosphate)

  • physical (pH, EC and suspended solids

Water supply systems

To support our municipal clients, we provide a range of supportive services to streamline processes and ease workloads on technical personnel:

  • Sampling point determination

  • Sample collection and transport

  • SANAS accredited analysis

  • Failure alerts within 24 hours if E. coli is detected (this service is unique to Test It LAB)

  • Incident response and corrective actions

  • Support team to assist on-site

  • Resampling

  • Turnaround time of less than 14 days on full report

  • Summary reports for feedback to committees

  • Uploading of data onto BDS

Water management

The Blue Drop certification programme ensures that the South African water services sector adopts the required preventative approach towards the management and regulation of drinking water. The Green Drop certification programme is an initiative to ensure that wastewater treatment works progressively improve their operations, so as not to impact negatively on the water bodies into which they discharge their effluent.

To assist and support municipalities in improving their Blue and Green Drop status, Test It LAB provides services such as

  • Water Safety Plan (WSP)

  • Wastewater Risk Abatement Plan (W2RAP)W2RAP

  • Storm Water Management Plan

  • Water Demand Management Plan

  • Incident Response Protocol

  • O&M Manuals

  • Logbooks

  • Registration on BDS & GDS

  • SAQA accredited training

  • Jar testing and optimisation

  • Supply of chemicals and equipment

  • Equipment maintenance and calibration on site

Test-It Lab provides services ranging from analysis of borehole or bottled water for individual clients to large-scale municipal water quality control and water management projects.